Emma Watson Tweets Trashy Bling Ring Photo, In Related News I Found My Halloween Costume

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I get positively giddy every time another trashy photo of Emma Watson emerges from the Bling Ring set. She's one of the few actresses who can make trashy look classy. Seriously, how many other stars can make a tramp stamp look sexy? Yesterday, she muploaded a photo of herself in all her Bling Ring glory to Twitter. Pink velour tracksuit, check! Uggs, check! Visible tattoos, check!

If any of my friends dared to meet me in public wearing that atrociousness, I'd be all like, “hell no, you go home, get in your time machine and return that entire outfit to 2005.” But seeing Emma Watson wearing it makes me slightly reconsider my position. Maybe that's a cute look? Maybe?

Either way, I'm going to test it out this Halloween. Yes, I just decided I'll be going as Nicki from Bling Ring. Not only does it mean I get to be super comfortable all night (hello elastic waistband costume), but also I can steal things from my host and claim that I'm just being in character when I get caught.

It's a foolproof timely costume that will cost me no money. Slash, I'll make up any money I spent putting the costume together when I sell off everything I stole from the party.