Never In My Life Did I Ever Think I Would See Emma Watson Looking This Trashy

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Well, Emma Watson‘s costume on the set of The Bling Ring proves that Hermione Granger's officially left the building. She stepped out on set yesterday wearing short shorts, a bikini top, a leather jacket and 6-inch snakeskin heels. A far cry from her Chanel look.

While I'm fully aware that she's filming a movie, it's still hard seeing the always classy and sophisticated Emma Watson dressed like a middle school girl who just discovered Wet Seal for the first time. If I wasn't familiar with the plot of the The Bling Ring, I would assume she's filming a Pretty Woman remake (which honestly  must be happening any day now) or a Toddlers & Tiaras  biopic.

The movie, which is weirdly enough a remake of a Lifetime movie, follows the exciting true story of a group of teenage girls who rob random celebrity houses. Seriously they were random choices. If you're going to risk your life and your freedom, you should maybe aim a little higher than Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashley Tisdale.  But I'm a blogger, not a burglar so maybe I don't understand their strategy. Or maybe they hoped if they robbed enough B-list actresses, the accumulated goods would add up to an A-list actress.

Even though the movie's techinically a Lifetime remake and even though Emma Watson looks horribly trashy, the movie's probably going to be pretty good since Sofia Coppola is directing it. It doesn't come out until 2013, which means we're sure to see even trashier photos of Emma Watson emerge throughout the rest of this year.

I just have to keep reminding myself that it's just a movie.

(Photo: Celebrity-Gossip)