Emma Thompson Imitating Animals On Ellen Is The Most Surprisingly Hilarious Thing You’ll Watch Today

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Emma Thompson Imitating Animals On Ellen Is The Most Surprisingly Hilarious Thing You ll Watch Today Emma Thompson Ellen animal noises November 2013 jpg

I can’t believe there was a time in my life when I hadn’t watched this amazing video of Emma Thompson imitating animals on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. What should be just a run-of-the-mill silly game turns into one of the weirdest and most hilarious things I’ve watched in recent memory. Ellen challenges Emma to imitate the animals she holds up and she’ll guess what they are. Should be pretty straightforward, right?

Wrong. I’m pretty sure Emma thinks she’s in competition for an Academy Award, based on how seriously she takes this. She opts not to make the expected, simplistic animal sounds we all learned from “What Does The Fox Say?” Rather, she tries to recreate the exact noises the animals make in nature, and sometimes she skips the noises and just decides to embody the animal’s physicality as if she’s preparing to play the Aflac duck in David Fincher’s highly anticipated film Aflac.

But as committed as she is, her idea of what some of these animals sound like is a bit questionable. And she makes a point of correcting Ellen whenever she challenges her methods. This is made approximately 1000x funnier by the fact that Emma has that sophisticated English accent and also by the fact that she played queen of admonition Nanny McPhee.

I wish I was committed to anything as much as Emma Thompson is to imitating animals. I wish I could spend an eternity trying to accurately recreate a pig’s squeals before finally shouting in exasperation, “Oh, oink oink!” Watching Emma imitate animals is so entertaining that even Ellen decides to ignore the time limit and just play the game longer. And you’ll thank her for that when you watch it. You’ll thank her a million billion zillion times. Because this video is amazing, and I want to start an Emma Thompson Emmy campaign to make sure she’s recognized for her performance.