Emma Stone Forges All The Spice Girls’ Autographs From Memory, Continues To Justify Your Girl Crush

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Emma Stone thumbs up

I've always ranked Emma Stone very high on my extremely long and frequently updated list of girl crushes. Unfortunately it's been a while since I could indulge in my obsession with her, because she been sort of MIA for a while. But now she's returned to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and she's back to being a redhead and she's just as adorable as ever and I'm so happy right now. You'll be just as happy when you watch her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live from last night when she proved just how much of a Spice Girls fan she is.

If you haven't watched Emma's utterly amazing freakout over meeting Scary Spice a couple of weeks ago, you need to fix that ASAP. It gives some great context to this new interview, in which Jimmy challenges Emma to recreate all of the Spice Girls' autographs, which she apparently taught herself to do when she was 10 years old. If you're now smiling like a goon imagining a tiny Emma Stone painstakingly practicing this hidden talent, you're not alone. Don't bother getting rid of that grin, because it'll be right back on your face when you watch her prove she can still do it.

There are few things I love more than watching celebrities I love fangirling over the celebrities they love. It just makes my fantasies about hanging out with them and gabbing with a box of pizza between us feel that much more real. And Emma gets so many bonus points for making a Frank Abagnale, Jr. reference that I'm not convinced Jimmy totally understood. I understood, Emma! Come on over to my place and we'll pop in my Catch Me If You Can DVD. Or any other DVD's fine too. Just please be my best friend.

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