Is It Offensive That I Have An Even Bigger Girl Crush On Emma Stone After She Called Out Sexism In The Media?

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Is It Offensive That I Have An Even Bigger Girl Crush On Emma Stone After She Called Out Sexism In The Media  wenn5874401 640x959 jpgHere I thought we’d gotten everything we needed out of the Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield Teen Vogue cover story, what with him admitting to his raging crush on Emma’s on-screen lover Ryan Gosling. But we need to give the story a closer look, because it was actually Emma who came out with the best quote of the whole feature.

Because we’ve always known Emma as a redhead, it makes sense that the interviewer Lauren Waterman would ask about her dyeing her hair blonde. And yet, that angle was covered ad nauseum; and if Waterman got to see the movie, she would have so many more interesting points to hit upon, like Gwen’s fate in the comics or whether she and Andrew ad-libbed their adorable, realistic awkwardness in their scenes together. But instead, she gets a “girly” question—and then fights against this tired old practice.

The following conversation shows Emma to be as smart and tough as we know her to be, yet still respectful enough not to burn any bridges. Upworthy even marked the occasion with this great .gif comic of the exchange, but here’s the text:

ES: I have liked being blonde lately because I was blonde when I was little. So whatever I’m going through is easier because I look in the mirror and I look like I did when I was a kid. But people do always ask that. They ask who is my style icon, what’s the one thing that I can’t leave my house without. I’m always like, “My clothes!” I can pretty much leave without anything. It’s fine as long as I’m not naked.

AG: I don’t get asked that—

ES: You get asked interesting, poignant questions because you are a boy.

TV: It’s sexism.

ES: It is sexism.

AG: Oh, come on.

ES: [Points to Andrew] I get asked about relationships and stuff a hell of a lot more than this one does.

AG: That’s true.

TV: What do you say?

ES: I say I don’t talk about my personal life!

Originally I thought that it was Emma shutting down the Teen Vogue reporter, but here you see that Waterman is actually the one to put forward the s-word. Still, it is odd that this occurred late in the interview and that her only response was “Fair enough” and moving on to a standard question of “Who’s a superhero to you?” instead of continuing that vein of the conversation.

However, I am glad that Waterman included this exchange, no matter how awkward or out of place it might’ve seemed in Teen Vogue, because it needs to be said! At Crushable we have a fair amount of access to celebrities. I’m always grateful to get A-listers and strive to ask probing questions as opposed to the same old shit about accessories or style icons because that’s not what these movies are about. You — and here I mean the general “you,” not Teen Vogue specifically — have the chance to talk with someone who put in months of her life on this movie, so why wouldn’t you want to delve into the really thought-provoking plot and theme stuff?

But yeah, consider this another victory for Emma Stone.

Is It Offensive That I Have An Even Bigger Girl Crush On Emma Stone After She Called Out Sexism In The Media  emma stone sexism media gif

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