Emma Stone Says Funny Is Beautiful, Wants To Show Her Freckles — I Fall More In Love

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Emma Stone Says Funny Is Beautiful  Wants To Show Her Freckles   I Fall More In Love Emma Stone Revlon jpgEmma Stone gave fans of makeup and adorableness a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her recent Revlon commercial, because she must have figured we weren’t as a culture in love with her enough for her liking.

What I love about Emma is that she is absolutely hilarious, but she’s also able to convey deep concepts without seeming pretentious. In the video, she laments: “A lot of people compare their insides to other people’s outsides.” What an insightful and refreshing sentiment coming from a young Hollywood starlet.

But this video is about makeup, and Emma makes me want to go out and buy 50 containers of Revlon Nearly Naked makeup to look half as luminous as she does. Probably my favorite part of the video is when she says, “It’s really light. My freckles show, which I appreciate.” It shouldn’t be so endearing for someone in Hollywood to admit they want to show off their freckles, but in a spray-tanned, foundation-spackled world, someone with practically translucent skin like me appreciates a gorgeous celebrity embracing the natural state of her skin.

Emma then goes into a hilarious old Hollywood voice to sarcastically describe her “career as a beauty.” I don’t know what it is about people doing old Hollywood voices, but it’s almost guaranteed to make me want to be best friends with them (see: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler).

Emma makes one final grab for my heart (which she doesn’t need to fight for, since she already has it) by saying she thinks “funny is beautiful,” which has been her main goal as a Revlon spokeswoman. Is there a way to mail someone your best friendship? Is that a thing? How many stamps would that take, roughly?

Watch the video below, and then daydream about frolicking with Emma through that pretty garden. If you’re like me.

(Screenshot: Facebook)