I’m Worried That Emma Stone Is Starting To Fall Into The Hollywood Hot Girl Trap

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Emma StoneI want to be careful how I phrase this, because it's important to me to avoid body-shaming, but…is Emma Stone looking a little…different to any of you lately? One of my most favoritest things about Emma is that she sort of defies the typical stereotype of a Hollywood ‘hot girl'. Don't get me wrong, the girl is gorgeous, but it's hard to box her into a category the way it is some actresses that I'm less impressed with. She's only twenty-four, but already Emma has had roles in such varied projects as Superbad, The Amazing Spider Man, The Help and Gangster Squad. She's a hilarious actress, and seems so relaxed in real life that I've allowed myself a rich fantasy sequence where we're friends who go shopping and prank-call boys together. Oh we're also in middle school, I guess. It was a simpler time, okay? And it's my fantasy — get off my back.

So I guess it's because of this imagined friendship that I feel comfortable overstepping my blogger bounds to start a conversation about Emma's real life. She can and should do exactly what she wants to do, but I'm really really hoping that the greater Hollywood community isn't putting any pressure on her to look a certain way. There's such an emphasis on actresses being skinny these days, and there are so many talented people walking around who do a project, get a little more famous, and then come back to their next thing having lost weight. And because I'm a complete and total outsider, I never know if that weight loss is a result of the actor making a decision to be healthier so they look different on camera for themselves, or if there's some agent or manager or producer or director behind-the-scenes telling these women to drop a few pounds, get a spray tan, bump up the highlights, squirt a little Botox, etcetera. I just feel like it's a trap that it must be really easy for women in Hollywood to fall into, and it's something I wouldn't want for myself or my friend or any daughter I might have, so I get a little nervous looking at those wan photos of Emma at the Berlin International Film festival.

But like I said, I'm a complete outsider in this situation. It's possible and even likely that it's just the lighting at the event or the makeup, that Emma looks just the same as she always has and I'm just a crazy concern troll. Or that she's decided to lose weight and, like most things in her life, it has absolutely nothing to do with me. But I spend so much time lurking behind my keyboard pondering these celebrities' personal lives that sometimes the word vomit comes burbling out. I'm sorry guys. You'll understand when you're older less famous.

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