New Photos Reveal That Emma Stone Looks Like A Normal Person When She Works Out

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Just because Emma Stone's a superstar who's dating another superstar doesn't mean she never wears a ponytail. I know, take a minute to think about that. Emma Stone and you both wear ponytails. Bet you never thought you'd get to say that aloud! Especially not on a Monday morning.

In new Emma Stone photos from this weekend, the A-list actress put on spandex, a t-shirt and a zip-up to go hiking with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield and her mother Krista in Coldwater Canyon Park. And if you didn't know who Emma Stone was, then you would have passed her on the trail and assumed she's just another young woman enjoying the outdoors. Just a lady looking to burn off the cheese fries she didn't mean to order at 2 A.M the night before. You know, a twenty-something using the outdoors to work through her life choices.

Andrew, on the other hand, leaves much to be desired in his attempt to look like a  normal person outfit. It seems he confused “work out costume” with “hipster picnic costume.” But that's a rookie mistake for a celebrity who's just trying to hang low for the weekend. Every celebrity has their moments where they forget how they used to dress before their stylist picked out their clothes each day and an au pair helped put them on.

And that's okay. I'll forgive mistakes from these two lovebirds. Especially since I now have proof Emma Stone and I own the same outfit-ish.

(Photo: Wenn.com)