I Want To Photobomb This Photo Of Emma Stone Photobombing Andrew Garfield

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Emma Stone photobombs Andrew Garfield at Bull afterparty May 2013

I'm always afraid that declaring two people to officially be my favorite celebrity couple will be the kiss of death for their relationship. Because yes, I do believe myself to hold that much power when it comes to the fate of Hollywood romances. So for the sake of superstition, I will say that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are not my favorite celebrity couple. Got it? Good.

My so-not-favorite celeb couple were at the afterparty for the opening night of the off-Broadway play Bull last night in New York City, and while posing for pictures with the cast, Emma broke the schmoozey tone and popped up behind Andrew like an adorable Jack-in-the-box to mug for the camera with that signature Emma Stone goofy face. And all I want to do is be there with them, and/or playfully throw popcorn into Emma's open mouth while we watch a movie together on the couch. Her couch or my couch. I'm not picky.

But really, is it possible to photobomb a photobomb? Could I just sneak up behind Emma and make my own silly face? Would that make it a super-photobomb? A photo atomic bomb? Photobomb Inception? Or does that cancel out the comedic effect of the first photobomb? Would it be better if someone photobombed me in the photo as well? Like the rule of three? Would it help if that someone photobombing me were a dog? As long as we're asking questions, do you think it was a bad idea for me to eat that fifth slice of pizza last night? Okay, that might have been a little irrelevant. Let's move on.

If I don't have the opportunity to photobomb Emma Stone photobombing Andrew Garfield, maybe we can just skip over that and I can marry them? Both of them, I mean. Because I really can't decide which one I'm more in love with. It's a classic love triangle between a man, a woman and a strange blogger whom neither the man nor the woman has ever met before. They could make a Lifetime movie out of our story in which we all play ourselves and hang out on set. And it'll be us meeting for the first time, because like I said, I'm just a strange blogger with a dream.

(Photo: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com)