It’s Clinically Impossible Not To Smile When You Watch Emma Stone Freak Out About Meeting A Spice Girl

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Emma Stone Freaking OutThe closer we get to the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the more excited I get to wake up each morning. Not because I'm a huge fan of spidery men, but because I'm obsessed with Emma Stone and I'm so beyond thrilled that she's crawling out from the hidey hole she's been in and embarking on a press tour for the movie. Like Jennifer LawrenceAnna Kendrick, the cast of Mean Girls and Blue Ivy, Emma's on my permanent BFF fantasy slumber party list. Weirdly enough, there's a lot of overlap between that list and the list of people I stalk on the reg. How about that!

Emma recently went on an Sydney's #1 Music Station to chit chat with them about the things that celebrities chit chat about with radio hosts. (AKA sheer nonsense!) Naturally Mel B from The Spice Girls came up in conversation. Because when does she not? I can't remember the last time I had a conversation where we didn't somehow wind up talking about Mel B.

“How was dinner?”

“Spicy…so much that it scared me.”

“Speaking of, what's up with Scary Spice?”

What makes this conversation about Mel B different than all other conversations about Mel B is that Emma freaks the fangirl out when she finds out that the former Spice has a special message for her. I'm no doctor, but I'll go ahead and say she hyperventilated at this news. The last time I saw a girl freak out this hard was me when I heard that Beyonce dropped an entire album overnight. Good for her for dropping her whole “I'm a jaded celebrity” act and letting her fangirl freak flag fly! NEVER CHANGE! (Unless you're at my slumber party, and in that case changing into matching footsie pajamas is required.)

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