Emma Stone Gets Pranked Into Thinking She’s About To Meet The Spice Girls, Fangirls Super Hard

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Emma Stone Graham Norton Prank

If you've been at all present during the current The Amazing Spiderman 2 press tour, you know how completely obsessed Emma Stone is with the Spice Girls. Well, apparently Graham Norton does too because, when she and Andrew Garfield visited his show, he faked her out into thinking that she was about to meet them. And if you think that Jimmy Kimmel-style pranking is cruel-but-still-entertaining, just wait 'til you see an adult fangirl on the verge of a heart attack because she thinks she's going to finally meet her idols.

Emma points out that she's been talking about her obsession with the Spice Girls more than the movie she's trying to promote and she's not wrong about that. But she can't just not talk about them, now that we've discovered that they can make her openly weep at the drop of a hat. Added to the list of her extreme Spice Girl-related reactions is the way that she actually stops breathing when asked if she's ever met a member. And the drumroll?? Oh, the drumroll kills her. I'm so sorry that this is so entertaining.

Don't think that I'm letting Andrew's fierce excitement go unnoticed, because I would NEVER. It's just that it doesn't hold a candle to Emma's. Just the way that I'm sure Emma's reaction to being referred to as Andrew girlfriend probably can't nearly measure up to his. We all have our concerns, you know? And right now and forever, Emma's is being mentally prepared for the moment that she meets the Spice Girls in the flesh, even though that moment isn't about to happen.

Let's all unite and send Emma the biggest collection of Chupa Chups and Spice World VHS tapes in her time of great Spice Girl need. Also, if you have some pull, let's get her in a room with the girls Spice immediately. After this prank, she's got some emotional wounds that need healing.