Video: In Just One Minute On iCarly, Emma Stone Manages To Be Adorable And Terrifying

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Emma Stone iCarly video "iFind Spencer Friends" Heather superfan Miranda Cosgrove Jennette McCurdyLast week Jennette McCurdy tweeted this photo from Emma Stone‘s appearance on iCarly. And yeah, that about sums up her cheeky guest spot on the Nickelodeon sitcom playing Heather, Carly's (Miranda Cosgrove) biggest fan.

The best part is, Emma isn't even the main focus of the episode. “iFind Spencer Friends” is all about Carly trying to find age-appropriate buddies for her older brother, only for him to reject all of the mature adults she sets him up with. I haven't had a chance to see the whole episode, but that's OK, because the only sixty seconds I needed to watch are already online.

At some point in the episode, Heather wanders into the Fiddy's Diner just minding her own business when… OH SHIT IT'S ICARLY! Even though it's a pretty one-note character, it makes me love Emma even more. Like, we knew that she could play wacky, as evidenced by Easy A and her Saturday Night Live hosting gig. But over-the-top insane, manic, frantic, snapping photos, grinning from ear to ear, diving into the bathroom to find Gibby, and sliding across the table to get to Carly?

Whew. We forgot the girl had mastered slapstick. Somehow I thought this would be a tough sell because Emma was far too classy for a wacky Nickelodeon show, but she embodies the silliness of these tween sitcoms without overshadowing them by the fact that it's Emma freaking Stone deigning to make a cameo.

Not gonna lie, I need a GIF of whatever it is she says to Gibby when she's leaving the bathroom. But this one is pretty great, too.

Emma Stone iCarly GIF "iFind Spencer Friends" Heather superfan Miranda Cosgrove Jennette McCurdy

Maybe Emma Stone's infectious love for iCarly will silence all the Miranda Cosgrove haters. Or at least make them stop comparing her to Michael Jackson?

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