When Emma Stone Says She Wants Gwen Stacy To Die, You Know She’s Not Bullshitting You

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Emma Stone Gwen Stacy death fall neck snap Spider-Man stay true to comics

If any other mainstream actress talked as earnestly about her comic book movie character the way Emma Stone does about Gwen Stacy, you wouldn't take her seriously. With geeks rising in power and everyone in the mainstream wanting a piece of the action, we geeks have to be wary of people trying to court us. We've already seen actresses pandering to fans and failing, like when Blake Lively insisted that she dye her hair brown for her supporting role in The Green Lantern last summer. But Emma won't shut up about Gwen Stacy's fate in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel—and I mean that in the best way.

Emma's recent cover story in Interview magazine ran the gamut, from her admitting that she threw up after her first break-up to delving into each and every one of her movie roles. Cameron Crowe interviewed her, and when talk turned to her big summer movie with boyfriend Andrew Garfield, Emma was very firm about what she wants for Gwen:

CROWE: When you were out promoting The Amazing Spider-Man, did you get a lot of serious Gwen-o-philes bending your ear?

STONE: Yeah, but not so much in terms of how I played her. It was more about whether or not the films are going to stay true to her story—which I'm hoping they are. Do you know the Gwen story? Do you know what happens?

CROWE: It's like the Kennedy assassination or something.

STONE: Yeah. Essentially the argument is that Spider-Man kills her by accident. So the person she loves is the person who kills her, which is the most horrifying thing. Apparently people unsubscribed to the comic book when that happened because they were just so flipped-out over it. But, of course, I want to stay true to that. That's the question you get the most when you're part of that saga.

CROWE: “Are you going to die?” is the question that you get the most?

STONE: Yeah, and, “If so, will it be in the same way that she died in the comics?”

CROWE: Which is a broken neck, right?

STONE: Yeah. She snaps her neck because Spider-Man shoots a web out to save her, so in trying to save the person he loves, he kills her… That's life for you, man. [laughs]

Emma's been talking about Gwen's death for months, and has always had the same position: It needs to happen. No retconning, no changing the character or story for the big screen. And whereas she kind of beat around the bush the first time it came up four months ago, as you can see from the quote now, she's candidly discussing it in detail as a foregone conclusion. I just think it'd be really easy for an actress to equivocate, or to take the opposite side that she wants to be on-screen (and paid) for as much as possible. Instead, Emma speaks with the kind of conviction that makes you imagine she has the fans in mind, that if she were as emotionally engaged in the comics as many Marvel readers are, she would want to see the movie be true to the original shocking story.

Of course, with the second movie coming out May 2, 2014 and a potential trilogy set up, Emma could be looking at two more movies (and nice big paychecks) before she bites the dust. If they wait til the third movie to kill her off, then we'll be saying goodbye to the trilogy anyway. That's why I'd love to see it happen in the sequel, to bring in Peter Parker's more well-known ladylove Mary Jane Watson for the trilogy's conclusion. (And bravo to Tumblr user bartowski for suggesting Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the role! I completely agree.)

But gah, it's gonna be so heartbreaking for Gwen to die, after kisses like this:

Emma Stone Gwen Stacy death fall neck snap Spider-Man stay true to comics

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