Not Surprisingly, Emma Stone Is Really Cool About Being Turned Into A .Gif

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Emma Stone Easy A "YUM" gif Snape "My body is ready" Tumblr

Hollywood.com has perhaps my favorite celebrity interview of this year: Chatting with 23-year-old Emma Stone at the Amazing Spider-Man press junket, they put aside the normal questions about Gwen Stacy vs. Mary Jane, the Spidey suit, blah blah, and instead talked with her about the internet. Specifically, the Tumblr culture where people communicate entirely through .gifs.

Considering her young age, Emma grew up online, albeit in forums instead of on social media. At first she doesn't seem to know much about .gif culture — where people grab screenshots and turn them into reaction shots — but it became clear that she's more savvy than she lets on. For one, she knows that there's a certain shot in Easy A, of her rolling her “wonky eyes” and saying YUM, that's been immortalized. But perhaps my favorite part was her admission that she unintentionally imitates the My Body Is Ready meme, which was expressed most famously through this amazing .gif of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape. (And of course ONTD has collected all of these moments, in .gif form.)

Can Emma Stone and I be friends and trade  .gifs all the time? This girl is hilarious.

.gif: ONTD