Emma Stone Looks Like An Extra From The Others On Her First Vogue Cover

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The good news: Vogue‘s July cover features Emma Stone, who is pretty much our favorite, generally speaking.

The bad news: In an effort to stay young forever, Anna Wintour appears to have drained her of her essence, leaving nothing but a hollow, dead-eyed shell of a person in her stead. (What up, fellow Dark Crystal fans?)

Seriously, what's up with Emma Stone's Vogue cover? Maybe it's her crystal blue eyes, but I get the feeling the Emma Stone in this photo has no soul and might just eat my brain. This is especially sad, considering how lively she normally is. I've never come away from watching anything she's done thinking she's anything less than a talented, funny, humble, and nice person. I mean, just watch this interview!

I'm not sure what happened here, but I'd be surprised if the ultra-blank expression was Emma's idea. I'm thinking she fell victim to the dreaded, yet common, “zombie face” pose, whereby art directors tell models to drain all life and expression from their faces and pretend like they are dead, because dead women are sexy, or something. (And because fashion photography is misogynistic.) I'm glad Emma's getting the attention she deserves, but I hope they let her look a little more like herself next time, and a little less like one of the Children of the Corn.

(Photo by Mario Testino, via Vogue.com)