Emma Stone Brought Her Brother To The Golden Globes, And He Brought A Mouthful Of Gum

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Emma Stone at Golden Globes GIF brother gum chewing January 2015I figured there would be something (or a few somethings) to set people off at the Golden Globe Awards airing tonight, but I didn't realize we'd still be on the red carpet when it happened, or that it would have anything whatsoever to do with Emma Stone.

BUT IT DID. And you know why? Because she brought her brother as her date to the awards! Normally bringing a family member is a way to score massive points, like Bradley Cooper did when he brought his mom to the Oscars. (Typical tweet about that: “OMG I DIE”) But in this case, Emma's decision wasn't quite as well received by the Twitter-sphere, because her brother Spencer seemed totally not. into it. And the internet responded accordingly.

Not only was he not super dressed up (which is the polite way to say ‘garbage suit' in mixed company), but he also had a real weird frizzy afro thing going on with his hair.

AND WORST OF ALL. He was smacking on a piece of gum right there on camera, super cazj, just like you do mid-interview with Ryan Seacrest.

He was so blasé that it seemed like he didn't realize in advance that he'd be on the red carpet. It looked like Emma just swung by his apartment on her way there like ‘get in loser we're going to the Golden Globes'. Which begs the question — where was her boyfriend Andrew Garfield? Is he filming something? Or sick? Or…god forbid…did he and Emma break up?

We need answers that don't involve gum-smacking!

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