File This Paparazzi Video Of Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Under ‘Not Okay’

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Emma Stone Andrew Garfield NYC

If I could spend my blizzard snuggling up in front of the fire with one famous couple, it would obviously be Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Sure it would be awkward when they both wanted me on their team for Taboo, but we'd work it out while making  snow day cookies and and quoting our favorite lines from their movies. I'd be all like, “Emma Stone, you're on my team because you is kind, you is smart, you is important!”And she'd laugh. Oh would she laugh! Then Andrew Garfield would climb on the ceiling because he's the amazing Spider-Man.

But today's not about my blizzard fantasies, it's about real life. And guys, I know we've discussed this before, but things are real bleak for celebrities sometimes. They are stalked like a single lady in the opening credits of a Lifetime movie. It's scary. Like we joke about stalking celebrities, but I'd like to think that none of us would ever really do it. You know, because they're real live people with human emotions and feelings. One of those feelings likely being, “stop following me everywhere!”

I recently came across this super creepy video of paparazzi following the couple around New York City. For no reason. They're not even doing anything exciting, like making a movie or publicly displaying affection. Nope, they're just leaving church. Yes, church. So there's really no valid reason for these camera guys to be all up in their faces yelling “one shot!”

Sure they're famous and sure they make more money in one day then we'll make in our entire lives, but I still don't think they deserved to be stalked on their off days. Especially since those off days might include me some day. And I can't worry about having the paps catching me with a bad hair day in the middle of a blizzard.