Watch Emma Stone Call Out Andrew Garfield’s Sexist Comment Like A Total Boss

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Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere April 2014

Hey, remember how you're like totally obsessed with Emma Stone and think she's hilarious and adorable and amazing? This video of her calling out her co-star and boyfriend Andrew Garfield for making a sexist comment will only serve to make that obsession even obsessier. She's just so casually sassy and quick and unashamed, and it's amazing.

The two of them have been making the rounds this month on their Amazing Spider-Man 2 promotion tour, unofficially sponsored by the Spice Girls. It's been just as magical as you'd expect, aside from that weird moment when Andrew decided nobody was allowed to call Emma his girlfriend. Even if he won't say so, it's pretty clear that she is, but that doesn't mean she'll bite her tongue when he throws out some casual sexism at a Q&A. In response to a question about how Peter Parker made his Spider-Man outfit, Andrew explains that he sewed it himself and made something masculine through a very feminine activity.

RECORD SCRATCHING SOUND. Hold up, what's that, Andrew? Sewing is a “feminine” activity? Your colleague and girlfriend Emma would like to know why you'd think that. Andrew goes into a rambling, defensive, “Uh oh I'm in trouble now” explanation about how it's actually a compliment and everybody has masculine and feminine parts to them, and he just digs himself deeper and deeper. But Emma comes out looking like a total boss.

Is Andrew a big Sexist McSexist who thinks like a Duggar? Most likely no, or at least I hope not. His comment was pretty mildly misogynistic, but we won't be able to stop casual sexism like that unless we point out what's wrong with it. I love Emma Stone for doing that, and I love her even more because she did it in front of a bunch of people and to her own boyfriend. Not only does it show that she's not some shrinking violet who will nod along to whatever Andrew says, but I think it's really cool for a couple to be able to call each other out on things instead of exclusively singing each other's praises.

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