Emma Stone Forced To Reveal Who Is A Better Kisser: Her Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Or Superhuman Ryan Gosling

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The always charming Emma Stone will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to promote her new movie, The Amazing Spider-man. However this isn't just a regular “go see my movie, it's awesome!” type talk show interview. Why? Because Emma Stone started dating her co-star Andrew Garfield while on the set of the film and now the pair's considered one of Hollywood's cutest couple. I mean, look at them in this candid photo from a quiet dinner date they went on last week. C-U-T-E.

While Ellen could have focused on their budding relationship, she went for the hard-hitting questions. The questions sure to shake up America and make us question our core beliefs. She asks Emma who's a better kisser: her boyfriend Andrew Garfield or her former co-star and regular sex-god Ryan Gosling.

Ellen: So, you’re a couple in this film.

Emma: Yeah.

Ellen: Did you kiss him (Andrew) in the film?

Emma: I did.

Ellen: So, Ryan Gosling, Andrew…Who’s a better kisser? Is it tough?

Emma: Apples and Oranges. Ya know, um

Ellen: So, is that an apple or an orange?

Emma: …I love all fruit.

Ugh Emma and her fruit salad metaphors. Obviously she answers tactfully, she's Emma Stone. I have yet to see her give a bad answer in an interview. But I think we all know the answer. Sorry Spider-Man who co-created Facebook, Ryan Gosling's obviously the better kisser. He's Ryan Gosling. God engineered his tongue so that one kiss from him could make a woman orgasm. It's just science, there's no two ways around it.

Watch the entire (adorable) interview right here: