The Power Of The Emmas: Why We Want To Be BFFAEAE With Emma Stone And Emma Watson

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Every time I write about Emma Watson or Emma Stone on this site, I probably mention the fact I'd sell my family into indentured servitude if it meant a chance at a friendship with them. (Why that would be the deal, I don't know. I can't begin to guess exactly how the devil makes his negotiations.) That's why they both landed top spots on our 25 Crushable Girls Under 25 list.

There's just something so wonderfully charming and relatable about them that I just know we'd hit it off. You  know if they'd just give me a chance. And it's not just because they're talented and it's not because they're pretty.

Sure that doesn't hurt, but it's something else too. Some kind of unidentifiable friend factor that gives you the impression they're like everyone you know — just more successful and more able to cut long lines at cool events.

While both of them seem very dedicated to their jobs, neither let's being a Hollywood success story define them. They've both made the effort to make acting a part of their life, but not their entire identity– which is probably why they both always comes off seeming so down-to-earth.  So ready to be my friend at a moment's notice.

With Emma S, I can definitely say it's her sense of humor that hooks me. She's actually really funny — and not just when she's reciting  lines from a script.

If her sense of humor wasn't already enough to make me suggest we become roommates, her relationship with Andrew Garfield puts her over the top for me. They're the kind of couple friends I would have that I would envy — and everyone knows how important that couple is any woman's life. And when they'd break up I'd be really sad because I'd have to defriend Andrew on Facebook and pretend that our friendship never mattered. But it would give me a chance to plan the perfect cheer-me-up rom-com marathon with Emma. So win-win for our friendship!

As far as Emma W goes, I'm all over her brains. She's so smart! Brown! Oxford! Does she want to be my private tutor? Does she want to sit up at night and explain quantum physics to me? I know I sometimes confuse her with Hermione Granger, but c'mon the two seem to be completely interchangeable when it comes to school — they're both brilliant.

And as far as magic powers go, did you see The Perks of Being a Wallflower, tell me a non-wizard actress can talk about infinity while standing upright in a moving pick-up truck. That's some pretty strong magic right there.

Maybe it is because I grew up with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger that I feel like Emma's my childhood best friend. But sorry I'm not sorry for having blurred lines when it comes to celebrity-friendship boundaries.

After all those blurred lines are what give me hope that Emma S. and Emma W. will read this incredibly insightful blog, call me and make some plans to grab fro-yo sometime.

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