Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Continue To Act Like A Completely Normal Couple

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Yesterday the always charming Emma Stone and her always adorable boyfriend Andrew Garfield went shopping together at Whole Foods. In normal people news, this isn't headline worthy. But in Hollywood couple news, it's practically groundbreaking. Running mundane errands proves that this couple might actually be real. Nothing says true love quite like finding a perfectly ripe organic avocado together at an upscale grocery store.

While I'd love to believe all Hollywood couples are beautiful unions that started off with chance run-ins at award show parties and Craigslist Casual Encounters – LA, it's just not realistic. Especially after you spend  a few days reading celebrity gossip, blind items and blog comments.

Suddenly you'll start to see that so many celebrity couples are set up by their PR teams to boost their images and keep them in the spotlight. Just because everyone's not as obvious as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, doesn't mean they aren't sporting their own metaphorical K.W earrings.

Romantic escapades magically caught on camera right before a movie premiere, D-List reality star celebrity break-ups announced on slow news days, private family trips to the Galapagos caught on camera. All of these moments are likely orchestrated by a team of people who are paid to maximize exposure for their client.

However I don't think Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are a set-up. Mostly because they're boring. All their photos together are of them walking and talking. Maybe laughing. But never anything exciting. There's never any cheating rumors or intense red carpets proclamtions of love or even allegations of a sex tape.

The complete lack of scandals makes it incredibly unlikely that they're a PR set-up. Oh and the fact Emma Stone's awesome and I just can't picture her agreeing to be in a fake relationship.

So here's to hoping that Emma and Andrew are the real thing and they have many more upcoming mundane errands to run together in the future. Maybe even something real boring, like folding laundry?!