This EmmAndrew Clip Proves They Should Never Give Separate Interviews Again

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield on Australian TV interview March 2014There are very few demands I make on celebrities. I insist that they have their fights on Twitter instead of behind closed doors where I can't participate, that they share the names of their offspring just as soon as they come up with them, and that they make their sex lists public ala Lindsay Lohan.

Not a lot to ask, really, but I have to add something to the list. From now on, I demand that real-life boyfriend and girlfriend Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield give every single interview together. Because if they don't, I just don't think the world could be expected to keep revolving without that life-sustaining dose of cuteness. You probably think I'm exaggerating, but they're honestly adorable together.

The two of them are joint-campaigning for their movie The Amazing Spider Man 2 right now, and they went on a TV show in Australia together to promote it in an appearance that turned into the cutest thing ever. They're just so comfortable and intimate with each other that it's heart-warming to watch. Like the rest of us know that Emma cried when she got a video message from Mel B. the other day, but Andrew knew that she also cried just from seeing The Spice Girls perform at the London Olympics two years ago. You can tell by his face that he knew! Just look at it.

Right? How cute is that? Doesn't it make you want to rent a cabin with them for the weekend and just hang out playing Heads Up or Cards Against Humanity? I'm so into it, and I think I better go, because I'm developing a rich (platonic) fantasy life here, and I need to jolt myself back to humanity.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 comes out May 2nd, giving us plenty of time to soak in many more dual interviews just like this one.

DID YOU HEAR ME I SAID DUAL. As in both. Two. Together. You get it.