Emma Stone Still Adorably Coy About Discussing Andrew Garfield On Ellen

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elle women hollywood arrivals 2 161012Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been dating for a while now…publicly since 2011, but they still don't like discussing their relationship with the media. For proof, we have a little video for you, from Emma's appearance on Ellen today. As you'll see, when conversation turns to Andrew, she gets as adorably coy as always.

Ellen: I thought you were so great in Spider-Man and now you’re making another one now or you are getting ready to?

Emma: We are about to start in a week.


Ellen: You [work] with, I forget his name, Andrew….Garfield?

Emma: Right, something like that?

Ellen: And how did y’all get along?   Did you get along ok?

Emma: He’s all right.  He’s fun.

Ellen: Do you keep in touch?  Do you ever call and go, what’s up? Let’s have lunch or something?

Emma: It depends on the day…I usually just mind my own business.

Ellen: So you’re working with him again which is going to be… tough.

Emma: Yeah…

Ellen: Yeah, really tough.

Emma: Again, I’m tired…

If you just read this and don't watch the video, it sounds like she's not that into Andrew, but nay nay! Because Andrew did the same thing about Emma when he was asked about his relationship on Ellen a couple months ago.

Ugh, you guys! You're so smart about this! Not only is it super adorable that they like each other so much that they don't feel the need to run their mouths, but it also makes the media sooo much more interested in them when they're not into talking about it. It's not only an intelligent strategy, but it also makes me really respect them as a couple for keeping their private life private.

I know personally, the minute I got involved with a schwanky celebrity, the entire world would know about it. I'd get one look at Ryan Gosling shirtless and promptly run straight out a window screaming and Tweeting about it simultaneously. It's safe to say I'm not made for the Hollywood life. But, as always, Emma impresses me with how much she is, and keeps me coming back for more with her cute little raspy voice, awkwardly gangly dance moves, and complete and utter lack of pretension.

(Image: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com)