Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Adopt A Dog — Don’t Worry, She’s Adorable

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emma stone andrew garfield 211212Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield adopted a dog together because of course they did. They're an adorable couple moving at an appropriate pace in their celebrity relationship, and everything they do is just great. I wish I were kidding, but I really am fascinated by how awesome and normal these two are.

The dog is a two-year old female golden retriever named Ren, and they even went about adopting her in the best possible way. I can't get over it. She originally came from a high-kill shelter in Downey, California, and she was moved from there to Spot! Dog Rescue in Los Angeles. Emma and Andrew visited her there last week, and she was one of the first dogs they saw, but the couple didn't want to be impulsive, so they went home to think about it. But they'd both had a strong feeling about her, so they went back a week later and took her on as a little foster pup on Saturday. Then, after spending a couple days with her in the house, they officially adopted her on Christmas Eve, and now she's their own purebred bundle of joy.

Obviously all dogs are adorable, but the way a ‘source' describes Ren is giving me warm and fuzzies:

“She won the doggie lottery. [She's] a typical golden puppy. Very, very sweet and loving. They totally fell in love with her.”

I love everything about this. I love that the two of them didn't just go to any old puppy mill and get a little baby puppy. I love that they brought her home with them as a trial and gave themselves time to think about it before committing so that if something wasn't a good fit, it wasn't a huge deal to undo all the paperwork and give the dog back to the shelter, which I'm sure needs the space. It's just so nice to see celebrities doing the right thing and being responsible humans and not just getting a purebread little squeaker for them to carry around in their purse. And hey, this way Ren is already potty-trained, which is a reward in itself!

(Image: Owen Beiny / WENN.com)