Emma Stone Surprises Her Fans At A Very Special The Amazing Spider-Man Screening

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Everyone who works at Crushable agrees that Emma Stone is the best. She picks awesome movie roles, cracks us up during interviews and makes award shows worth watching with her phenomenal speeches. Oh and she dates Andrew Garfield, making her one-half of the world's cutest couple. It should go without saying that we're totally amped up to see her in The Amazing Spider-Man this July with her BF Andrew. Only a few more weeks until we get to see them fall in love on camera. Insert tween girl swoon.

Our friends over at Teen.com hosted an awesome contest that surprised Emma Stone's biggest fans with Emma Stone. Amazing, right!? We would be jealous if we weren't already too busy obsessing with this video. She shows up, sits down nonchalantly and chats with the girls about the movie as if they're regular friends.

Could she be more down-to-earth?

Watch this video and prepare to love her even more!