Emma Roberts Dismisses James Franco’s Instagram Incident, Probably Because She’s No Stranger To Incidents

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Emma Roberts World PRemiere of We're The Millers New York City New York August 1 2013

While the verdict is still out on whether James Franco‘s inappropriate advances toward an underage girl via Instagram was for real or a total publicity stunt to garner attention for his new movie, Palo Alto, one thing is for sure: his co-star, Emma Roberts, does not want to talk about it, okay guys?  When asked for her thoughts on the incident, Emma shut it down pretty fast:

“I honestly didn't read any of it. When people sent it to me, I was like, ‘I don't want to read about this.' It's irrelevant.”

There are a couple of things that are interesting to me about this.  One being that Emma plays an underage student who gets involved in a relationship with Franco's much older character, a soccer coach at the high school she attends.  So there's that whole life-imitating-art business that we've touched upon before.  Which obviously makes the whole “scandal” totally relevant, if anything.

The second thing that I can't help but wonder about is if Emma doesn't want to talk about James's negative publicity because she's afraid it might lead to a conversation or connection to her own past negative experience?  You know, where she was arrested for physically assaulting her now-fiance, Evan Peters?  I don't blame her for not wanting to add fuel to her co-star's fire or offer a comment on it – that would be a bad PR move.  But her choice of the word “irrelevant” struck a chord.  I feel as though that might be how she feels about her own negative incident, now that she and Evan are engaged and never really publicly spoke about it, other than making their publicists refer to it as a “misunderstanding.”  Just some food for thought.

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