Emma Roberts Cast In American Horror Story, Which Is Now A Love Story Because Her BF Stars On The Show

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Emma Roberts Evan Roberts dating NYC May 2013

You know what I would never ever do with my boyfriend? Act in American Horror Story together. No offense to Emma Roberts and her boyfriend Evan Peters, but this casting has bad idea written all over it. Mostly because American Horror Story is the most absurd show on television. Addicting too, but also absurd. I saw things during season two that I can't unsee. Things so horrible that my nightmares now look like ABC Family musicals in comparison. It's without a doubt the most fucked-up show I've ever watched on TV. And I don't like to use the F-word before 5:00 PM on a week day, so you can only imagine how strongly I feel about this.

The fucked-up-ness of the whole thing is exactly why I think it's so bad for couples to work on it together. It seems like the kind of show that you'd want to get away from every night so that you don't get driven crazy by the insanity of it all. Not like the kind of show that you want to bring home with you every night.

“Hey Evan, I loved that scene today where you murdered a witch with an axe!”

“Thanks babe, the part where you got boils all over your body and then ate a cat was pretty cute too. Get over here, you murderous she-devil, you!”

Then again, it could be the kind of show that brings you closer to someone. Like you're working on a project that very few people could ever understand. Maybe it's an aphrodisiac of a show. Maybe watching your boyfriend play a psychopath every day for months (which is very possible in this show) reminds you how happy you are that he's not. Sure maybe he sometimes drives you crazy with his pesky little habits, but it's not really all that bad when you think about it. After all, you're both still alive and not in some kind of coven — which as may or may not know is the theme of season three. Then again the theme of season two was asylum and we ended up getting the devil and the Holocaust and aliens thrown in too — so really coven is just a word they use to set the scene for the madness.

So I guess what I'm really trying to say is that Emma Roberts got cast in American Horror Story with her boyfriend — which will either destroy their relationship or make it stronger. Classic either/or situation.

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