Emma Roberts And Freddie Highmore Do ‘Homework’ In New York City

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Crushable spotted Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore shooting a scene Monday night for their upcoming indie film Homework. A small camera crew filmed them as they walked down a sidewalk in New York's East Village; Emma, a natural brunette, had shiny blonde hair and stood much shorter than Highmore, who's tall and lanky. A crew member would only describe the plot as “a teen movie,” and it appears to be a romance starring the actors. Emma, the 19-year-old niece of Julia Roberts, comes armed with a good slate of film credits including Valentine's Day. Highmore, 18, is — no joke — what happened to that pale kid from August Rush and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory after a massive growth spurt. We feel old.

Lots of movies are filming in New York this spring!