3 Things That Were Even More Awkward Than Eminem’s Appearance On ESPN Last Night

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Eminem Awkward ESPN 9-7-13

I don't know how many of our readers were intently watching ESPN last night during the Notre Dame-Michigan game, but Michigan native Eminem was brought on to promote his new album and GOOD LORD WAS IT AWKWARD.  Live TV isn't Eminem's favorite thing, which is totally understandable.  But if you know you have a problem with live television, maybe you should do everything in your power to avoid live television as much as possible.  I know this isn't an easy thing to do when you're a world-renowned rapper, but I don't know… this was super painful to watch:

Awkward though it may be, it's at least the kind of thing you feel bad enough about to not laugh at him.  He's not intentionally being a jerk or anything, like so many other celebrities are sometimes.  So you feel a little empathy for the guy.  Here are three recent instances that are not only more awkward, but fail to light up any spark of empathy whatsoever.

1.) When Jesse Eisenberg was a complete douche to a slightly ditzy interviewer while promoting his magician movie.  A lot of people jumped to his defense and said he was being funny, but the only person I felt for in this scenario was the poor girl probably cried giant tears behind her giant glasses all night.

2.) That time Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse frolicked and romped around a park and pretended to be in a fakelationship.  Nope, no feelings here… other than general eye-rolling and being a little creeped out that Bradley Cooper is fake-dating someone who can't even drink legally in the United States yet.  And wears Osh Kosh overalls.

5 Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse posing in Paris park August 2013

3.) When this poor random girl decided to do a “sexy” twerking video (spoiler alert: there's no such thing) and ends up lighting herself and her apartment on fire. Lesson learned.