I Think Revenge Stars Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman Might Be In A Real Life Fakelationship

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I'm obsessed with the the ABC show Revenge and I'm counting down the days until it's back from its hiatus. (Nine days in case you're wondering.) It's as soapy as a show can be while still being watchable and I end every episode with my mouth hanging open. While it's extremely unattractive, it's also indicative of how good the show is — because as ridiculous as the plot gets every week, I still find myself wanting to see more at the end of every episode. Guess I just love the idea of revenge, murder, and Hamptons scandal presented to me in a neat little one-hour package every week.

In the show Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp)  pretends to dates Daniel Greyson (Josh Bowman) as part of her revenge plot. But in real life the couple's actually dating. Or so they want us to think with their PDA. According to Wetpaint:

It was first reported in January that the couple was dating, but it was “not serious.” It seems things have changed. The couple has been dating for three months and “it still feels sweet and new to them,” according to a friend.

As much as I want to believe they're actually dating, I just don't see it being real. It's not only too good to be true that they turned their TV fakelationship into a real life relationship, but also just unbelievable becuase they have so little chemistry on the show.

As much as I love the show, I can't pretend the stars are going to be Emmy nominees. It's the plot that keeps me watching and not the acting.  Yes Josh Bowman's pretty to look at, but the way he plays his character Daniel as a mentally stunted heir gets a little frustrating. Seriously Daniel's been dating a crazy women hellbent on revenge all summer and instead of realizing her horrible intentions, he proposes.

Lack of chemistry aside, this PDA seems a little coincidentally timed with the return of the show. It's the best free advertising a network can hope for and I wouldn't be shocked to find out some marketing department nudged this “spontaneous” kiss along.

Fake or not, I hope this kissing practice gives them a little more chemistry when they're actually filming the show. A few sparks would go a long way with these two when they're on the TV.