After All The Bachelorette Rigamarole, Emily Maynard Cheats On Her Supposed Dream Guy Jef Holm

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Emily Maynard cheats on Jef Holm The BacheloretteUsually whenever a romance from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette fails, we welcome it with a mixture of schadenfreude and “I told you so.” (It's a pretty great face we make, actually.) But this latest reality TV match going up in flames proves that there's no hope for love. I know you don't want to hear it, but Emily Maynard and Jef Holm are having trouble in paradise. And it's because she cheated.

Or, so Us Weekly alleges. It's not like this announcement came out of People, so we're split on the legitimacy of the story. Here's what we know of what maybe happened: After Jef proposed to Emily on the season finale of The Bachelorette in May, their future was looking rosy. He already got along great with her seven-year-old daughter Ricki, so it only made sense for the two of them to vacation with Jef's family on Pawleys Island in South Carolina. But somehow Jef got a hold of Emily's phone and found “explicit text messages and photos” to another man, with sexts also intended for Emily.

Jef's brother Mike Holm confirmed everything to Us:

“I can tell you that it's all 100% true. I was there and I heard the fight and watched the whole thing go down, Emily leaving and everything. I love my brother very much and, like the rest of our family, I just want him to be happy. We all love Emily, too. Mistakes happen, we all get that. I hope they can work it all out, but as far as your story goes, it's all true.”

But, how could Emily do this to us? We fell hard for her during this season of The Bachelorette—unlike past empty-eyed wannabe brides, she was intelligent, empathetic, and didn't care about ruining the cliffhanger of the season finale once she knew that she wanted to be with Jef over Arie. When she called host Chris Harrison to her place to confess her torture over dumping Arie? Gah, we were sucked in. Just look at that photo from the finale! She and Jef seemed truly in love.

Now, usually the Bachelor(ette) backlash comes when the couples have been forced to stay apart in the months between the last episode and the live reunion show. Going from the first heady days of falling in love to not being allowed to communicate for half a year will make anyone doubt their love, so it's not a surprise when they're second-guessing their decision. But that didn't seem to be an issue here, so we have to wonder, what would motivate Emily to cheat? Dealing with all the duds and non-sparks on the show made her realize how genuine love for Jef; she found a dad for Ricki; she shouldn't want anything else.

Emily Maynard cheats on Jef Holm vacation RickiOr, you know, it could be that someone planted this story since Emily was so “boring” by Bachelorette standards and they needed some sort of controversy to close out this season. What's especially interesting is that just three days ago Emily tweeted this photo of her, Jef, and Ricki, with the caption The happiest I've ever been in my life with my two favorite people in the world. I love you to the moon @jefholm. And her other tweets to Jef (the most recent being from yesterday) make it seem like everything's OK. Reality TV, why do you play with our emotions like this?!

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