Emily Blunt Shows Off Her Tom Cruise Impression To Make Us Fall In Love With Her Even More

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Emily Blunt Jimmy Kimmel Live May 2014

In case you missed it, yesterday I fell in love with Emily Blunt. There I was watching her interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, not really expecting to have my life changed, when suddenly my heart bounced out of my chest and I knew. She's just so gosh darn funny and likable, and she really puts effort into her talk show storytelling, which is always much appreciated. Take, for another example, her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, during which she showed off her Tom Cruise impression.

Emily's starring in an upcoming movie with Tom called Edge of Tomorrow, which you might know better as “sci-fi Groundhog Day.” She says that during filming at one point they had to be on a really tiny hot set wearing huge heavy suits and hanging in harnesses. That's when Emily looked at Tom between takes and decided to break him. And here “break” means to destroy his unfailing optimism. You know Tom Cruise's optimism, right? It's the thing that caused him to jump on a couch on national television.

Well, Emily decided to break it, because she's awesome, and with just one comment about the suckiness of their situation, she finally got Tom to admit that it wasn't really something to be happy about. And she does this really quick but completely spot-on impression of him. Seriously, if you've ever doubted that a British woman could do a convincing impression of male American actor Tom Cruise, think again. The audience cracks up, Jimmy cracks up, and Emily cracks up. As she should. It's amazing. I thought after Emma Stone finished her Spider-Man press tour I'd have no one in my life to obsess over, but Emily has thankfully swooped right in to save me.