Emily Blunt And Stephen Colbert Make Pretending To Throw Up Look Delightful

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Emily Blunt And Stephen Colbert Make Pretending To Throw Up Look Delightful Emily Blunt Late Show September 2015 jpg

Stephen Colbert is really bringing it with the quality content on The Late Show. Last night he welcomed newly minted Amurrican Emily Blunt on the show and they spent a few minutes pretending to throw up. Or perhaps I should say pretending they were about to throw up. I suppose pretending to actually throw up would require some fake vomit. But let’s not split hairs over something so entertaining. Because yes, this was entertaining. I never thought I would laugh so hard at people pretending to gag, and yet here I am dabbing away my giggle tears.

It all starts when Emily reveals that she and her husband are obsessed with Colbert’s “vomit takes” and recreate them all the time. And by her husband, she of course means John Krasinski. So I want you to imagine Emily Blunt and John Krasinski hanging out at home pretending they’re about to throw up during conversations with each other about everyday things like taking out the trash and inviting Jimmy Kimmel over to hang out. Maybe they’ve even trained baby Hazel to do it too. They’re a family of pretend hurlers, and I love them so.

Naturally, upon discovering this shared interest, Colbert suggests they act out a scene with vomit takes. And it isn’t just any boring, made-up script. It’s the last two lines of Gone With the Wind, with Emily playing Scarlett and Colbert playing Rhett. You’d think the last two lines wouldn’t take very long to get through, but when you’re retching and preemptively covering your mouth every few seconds, things get stretched out. Those things include both the dialogue and my laughter while watching it all play out. Perhaps Stephen could start a regular segment called “Famous Movie Scenes With Fake Vomiting.” I’d watch it.