Ellie Kemper’s Mom Prefers Ellen As A Host Over Her Own Daughter, Because All Moms Love Ellen

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Ellie Kemper Conan 2014

Last night Ellie Kemper visited Conan so they could unite their red hair and set their plan for world domination in motion. Muahahaha. Just kidding, the redhead world domination plan isn't quite ready to be enacted yet. I'll let you know when that happens. For now I can give you this interview in which Ellie discusses her recent impromptu hosting gig on Ellen. To refresh your memory, a couple of weeks ago Ellen DeGeneres got sick with the flu and asked Ellie to host in her place. She was adorably nervous and her usual down-to-earth, fun self.

However, apparently that didn't matter to certain people who would prefer the show to be hosted by the person it's named after. That would be understandable for the people in the audience who were expecting to see Ellen. It might even be understandable for people watching at home, although I think all of us can make some room for Ellie in our hearts. But according to Ellie, even her own mother was disappointed. When Ellie called her mom afterward, she told her how welcoming everyone was considering they were expecting Ellen. Her mom's response? “Ugh, I know, they must have been crushed.”

Ellie explains that her mom is just a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan. And all moms are, aren't they? Ellen's right there at the top of the list of things moms like, right next to Diet Coke and tidying up your dorm room without asking when she comes to visit. And when their kids grow into self-sufficient adults, that whole “liking you better than other people” thing starts to go out the window. Let's just face it. If a tornado were coming and a mom could either save Ellen or her adult child, she'd choose Ellen. And she'd probably risk her life to save Portia too. It's just the way life goes. Moms heart Ellen.