Ellen Got Sick And Had Ellie Kemper Host On Short Notice, Adorableness Ensued

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Ellen Got Sick And Had Ellie Kemper Host On Short Notice  Adorableness Ensued Ellie Kemper hosts Ellen Show 2014 jpg

I don’t want to alarm you so early in the morning, but Ellen DeGeneres is sick. I know it sounds impossible, but apparently even angels can get the sniffles. Ellen has come down with the flu, so either she subjected her producer Andy Lassner to an on-air flu shot last week and didn’t get one herself, or it just didn’t kick in in time. Despite what you might assume, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t explain Ellen’s illness to you. What I can explain is that she had to call in sick for yesterday’s taping and get her first-ever guest host to fill in. And she got just about the best host she could get, besides Tina and Amy, who should host everything. She got Ellie Kemper!

Ellie’s become a bit of a staple on Ellen’s show, just showing up to attend DJ school or wrap Christmas gifts at the mall, and every time she reaches through the screen and steals my heart. She just seems like the sweetest, most fun person to hang out with, so obviously she’s the perfect choice to fill in for Ellen, who also has those qualities, with an added intimidating quality because ohmygod it’s Ellen!

Ellie’s opening monologue is just as gosh darn adorable as you’d expect it to be. She even admits that she’s adorable herself, but in the most adorable way. She also spends the first minute or so looking into the wrong camera and then confesses she has no idea what she’s doing. You can tell that she’s nervous, but in the most relatable way. Like not in the way that makes you want to crawl under the covers in embarrassment, but in the way that makes you smile and want to hug her. So while no one could possibly replace Ellen in our hearts, I’m totally cool with Ellie being her understudy. Like she says herself, they should totally have those for talk show hosts. Sometimes even Ellen needs a break.

Ellie’s episode of Elllen airs today.