Ellie Goulding Remixes ‘Love Me Like You Do’ Eight Ways, Makes You Forget It’s From Fifty Shades

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By now you’ve likely heard Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” approximately one million times. Whether you’re listening to your car radio, browsing a store at the mall, or innocently clicking play on a Pandora station, it’s everywhere. If you’re anything like me, you hear it and immediately think, “Oh no, I’m having Fifty Shades of Grey flashbacks. WHY ME?!” Then you proceed to have the song stuck in your head the rest of the day, and the Fifty Shades remembrance continues. The song was on the movie’s soundtrack, and now they’re forever connected.

Thankfully, last night on The Late Late Show, Ellie and host James Corden put a fresh spin on the song that will entertain you so much, you won’t think of Fifty Shades once. And when I say “a fresh spin,” I actually mean eight fresh spins, because that’s how many versions of the song Ellie and James sing. They start with the original version and then quickly slide into a head-banging rock remix. After that they cover every genre from rave to reggae — and other ones that don’t start with an R, despite what you might assume from my summary.

My personal favorites are the folk version, which includes James wearing a vest over a T-shirt and shouting “hey” into the microphone, as well as the country version, which features British people Ellie and James trying their hands at a Southern twang. (Ellie goes a bit Irish at the end. It happens.) And don’t forget the grand gospel finale, complete with church robes. Wow, James Corden has really cornered the late night market on quick costume changes, hasn’t he? Eat your heart out, Jimmy Fallon. Sure, you got Adele to sing with classroom instruments, but was she wearing a glowstick necklace while she did it? I don’t think so.