Ellie Goulding Flirts With Ed Sheeran And Niall Horan At The VMAs, I Suspect Polygamist Marriage

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Ellie Goulding Ed Sheeran hold hands VMAs

Ellie Goulding, who is perhaps best known for putting that awesome “Lights” song in my head and never letting it escape, made waves at the VMAs last night for getting up close and personal with not one, but two young musicians. Perhaps she thought Miley Cyrus' performance would render everyone blind from horror and nobody would notice her and Ed Sheeran holding hands in the audience or her and Niall Horan having a whisper-and-giggle party together. Little did Ellie know the audience cam sees all, from Lady Gaga getting her seashells in a bunch over One Direction being booed to the Smith family staring in horror as Gaga (not Miley) performed in said seashells.

Our always rational friends at Hollywood Life have rationally assumed that Niall and Ellie hooked up at the awards, since they were rumored to have done so earlier this month at a Kings of Leon concert. Nothing like some Kings of Leon to really make you wanna snog someone, am I right? But wait just a cotton-picking minute! Ellie's PDA with Ed makes this a very confusing situation. Was this some kind of goofy sitcom scenario in which Ellie switched back and forth between Ed and Niall throughout the night, pretending to go to the bathroom whenever she got up? That's one possibility. Another possibility is that the three of them watched my new favorite Lifetime movie Escape From Polygamy this weekend and got some ideas.

Of course, Ellie has taken to Twitter to go all “That's so silly, why can't I hold hands with my friend? Why, what have you heard?” on us.

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm taking that as confirmation that Ellie totally has a couple of brother husbands on her hands. She says right there she's in “many relationships.” Guys, I'm really good at this. The audience cam doesn't lie. It sees all. Also I think Ellie needs to take lessons in cursing from that sailor-mouthed Taylor Swift.

(Image: Twitter via E!)