Video: Ellen’s Way Too Nice During Her Bruce And Kris Jenner Interview

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On today's Ellen, Bruce and Kris Jenner stop by to discuss their daughter Kim Kardashian's divorce and how they feel about the entire episode. (Episode in this case of course meaning the marriage as well as their E! wedding special that made them 1.8 million dollars.) While this would have been an awesome opportunity for Ellen to actually ask them tough questions, or even just follow up  their ridiculous answers with valid questions, she lobbed softballs at them and nodded along like they were making sense.

Let's just take this exchange:

Ellen: I can’t imagine what she felt like after the huge wedding and all the publicity and it was on the show. And then to say it’s not working,…that must be hard.

Bruce: It was a tough decision to make.  She is a very strong woman.

Ellen: Yes, she is. Would you now say if she comes home and says I’m in love and this guys great and he’s totally different this is really it. Wouldn’t you say don’t do it.

That's all Bruce Jenner had to say on what Kim was going through emotionally when she decided to call off the marriage after 72 days. A marriage that involved a 10 million dollar wedding. It was a tough decision? Deciding whether it's worth it to wake up early to straighen my hair on a humid day is a tough decision. Choosing which shows to keep and which shows to delete on my DVR is a tough decision.

I would say deciding to call off  a highly publicized marriage is more than a tough decision. In fact I would go as far as to say it was an incredibly calculated decision. I would guess publicists, representatives from E!, and lawyers were all called in to help Kim with this tough decision.

So for Ellen to just agree with Bruce Jenner that Kim is a very strong woman is letting the whole family off easy. Now I know Ellen's show is known and well-liked becuase it's full of positive energy, fun times and happy celebrities doing light PR for upcoming projects. That's why we all love it and that's why it's one of the most highly rated syndicated talk shows in the country.

But after seeing Ellen stand up to the BS from One Million Moms last week, I want to see her do it more often. It's not every talk show host who can make a point and make it in a funny way that resonates with the audience.

I'm not asking for 60 Minutes here, just a little more honesty.