Watching Ellen And Two Adults In Fox Costumes Scare People In The Bathroom Is The Bestest

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Ellen scaring people in the bathroom what the fox scares

I know everyone on the Internet says everything is the best, but this video really is the best one you'll watch today. Earlier this morning we showed you a delightful clip of Ellen DeGeneres singing “What the Fox Says” with Ylvis. It's just as awesome as it sounds. Even if we're still not sure what in tarnation that incoherent fox says. But before she did that, she apparently grabbed Ylvis, hid in a bathroom stall and jumped out at unsuspecting people. Why? Because why not?

If we know one thing about Ellen — besides the fact that she collects talented children like they're going out of style — it's that she loves scaring people. There are so, so many amazing videos of her scaring them that I couldn't possibly list them all. But you could watch this compilation video to get an idea:

And/or you can cut straight to the chase and watch “What the Fox Scares” and see Ellen launch herself at people from a toilet seat wearing fox (cat?) ears. Please, do keep in mind that these are people who most definitely peed their pants post scare. After all, these people were in the bathroom because they most likely had to go to the bathroom. Throw a surprise scare in there and you'll looking at a whole lot of accidents. But that's just what a high school level science education taught me about the human body, so don't quote me on that.