Ellen Sings ‘The Fox’ With Ylvis, Brings Us One Step Closer To Knowing What The Fox Says

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Ellen Ylvis fox song gif

I am so relieved that Ellen DeGeneres' talk show is back. She does the best things. Remember earlier this month when that Norwegian duo Ylvis debuted the video for their song “The Fox” and everyone in the world simultaneously furrowed their brows and scratched their heads and said “Huh?” and displayed various other stereotypical signs of confusion? If you haven't seen it, head right on over here and take a gander, but be warned that you will spend the rest of the day asking yourself what the fox says. Because that's the overriding idea of this song. We already know that the cat goes meow and the bird goes tweet and elephant apparently goes toot (just go with it), but what in the hell does the fox say? It's perhaps the greatest mystery of our time, bigger than where Jimmy Hoffa is buried or who the father of January Jones' baby is or why I'm incapable of changing the channel when Clueless is on TV.

The duo stopped by Ellen for their U.S. debut, and Ellen decided she wanted to perform the song with them. What ensued was a lot of jumping up and down and making weird noises. But it was glorious, because Ellen is glorious. Plus, the sounds Ylvis makes in this song are very similar to that “KAAAA” sound Ellen makes sometimes at the start of the show when her audience is clapping for her and she wants to thank them but words can't express what she feels so she just makes a bird sound. So what I'm saying is Ellen and Ylvis is a match made in heaven, and they should totally just go on tour.

I might not fully understand what the fox says yet, but thanks to Ellen, I'm getting damn close. One thing I do know for sure is I will never not think there should be a bleep when Ylvis shouts “What the fox say?!” Because it sounds like they're saying another word there. Yeah, I think you get what I'm saying.

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