Ellen Tries To Make Chris Pine Cry, Mostly Just Makes Me Have A Crush On Him

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Chris Pine Ellen video May 2013

I've been loving the Star Trek Into Darkness gang's press tour before their movie comes out. They've been entertaining and charming and cute. And Chris Pine's new appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is no exception. To be fair, Ellen is responsible for a lot of the entertainment, but her interviewing skills managed to coax me into acquiring a crush on Chris. I never thought I'd ever be a Pine Nut, but it might be happening. Mostly because Chris admits he cries easily. And I like that, because I cry easily too. I'm crying right now just thinking about the fact that I cry easily. Actually, to be honest, I've been crying nonstop since I saw My Dog Skip as a kid. It's a struggle, but Chris and I can get through this together.

Chris says he cries at movies like Up (which accomplishes the amazing feat of making people cry within the first few minutes, through Pixar magic) and even The Notebook. He also says some music makes him cry. Ellen asks him what kind of songs, and the way he says “Sad songs, Ellen” is just so adorable that I'm currently crying some more. I'm working through it.

Because Ellen recharges her Ellen battery by coaxing embarrassing moments out of her celebrity guests, she declares that she would like to make Chris cry. So she whips a boombox out of nowhere and starts playing Lionel Richie while showing him photos of puppies and kittens. It's not exactly those Sarah McLachlan animal commercials, so it mostly just make everyone go “aww” and laugh at Ellen's Lloyd Dobler impression. But Chris tries his hardest to squeeze some tears out.

I can't be the only person who's currently daydreaming about watching tearjerkers with Chris Pine. As a couple. Because he's single now. Which he reveals in this very video. He also reveals that he likes girls who have “intelligence and beauty and a sense of humor.” Hey, Chris, over here! I like to think I'm intelligent. I used the word “milieu” the other day. I'm also not bad to look at if you don't mind permanent running mascara from all the crying. And the sense of humor part won't be a problem, since I watch 15 hours of sitcoms a day. Obviously I will have to compete with all those screaming married ladies in Ellen's audience, so it'll be a battle, but I'm ready.