Watch Ellen And Julia Roberts Scare Julia Louis Dreyfus In Bathroom, Revel In The Fact That It Never Gets Old

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Ellen Scares Julia Louis Dreyfus with Julia Roberts

The one thing that I will never ever tire of seeing is Ellen DeGeneres scaring her celebrity guests for absolutely no reason on The Ellen Show. Unless, of course, you count showing up for a pre-arranged interview to be a valid reason. Seriously guys, it gets me every single time. As soon as I saw this video go live with the description, “they hid like jungle cats in Julia Louis-Dreyfus' dressing room, waiting for the right moment to pounce,” I grew giddy. My face lit up like Ryan Seacrest's teeth at a black light party. Hiding! Pouncing! Jungle Cats! Does life get any better than that? Lemme answer that for you, no. Life will never be better than seeing a TV host on all fours, waiting to scare a fellow celebrity in a bathroom.

While Ellen's more than capable of scaring celebrities on her own, she received some A-list help from Julia Roberts to help her really scare the bejeezus out of  Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And please ladies, leave your Julie and Julia  Julia and Julia Julia, Julia and Julia jokes at home because they all get made it in this clip.

In a fast paced world where we're checking our Instagram likes every 13 seconds refreshing our email every 14 seconds, there's something just so refreshing about a good old fashioned behind-the-door scare. Maybe if we all incorporated scaring people into our lives more often, the world would be a better place. Or a scarier place where every corner posed a threat and every slightly ajar door presented an opportunity to pee your pants from fear. It really could go either way!

(Photo: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.)