Ellen And Rebel Wilson’s Rap About Watching Cat Videos Is The Internet’s New Theme Song

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Rebellen Rebel Wilson Ellen DeGeneres Cat Rap

While you spent today looking at cats on the internet, Ellen DeGeneres and Rebel Wilson rapped about it. Or I should say Rebellen rapped about it. That's their new rap group name. Get it? No? Take a second. But not more than that. We have too many things to discuss today for you to spend more than one second figuring out the significance of Rebellen.

First things first, Super Fun Night. Apparently it didn't get canceled last fall and apparently Rebel's still doing the rounds and trying to convince people to watch it. Truth be told, I haven't ever seen it. But only because I love Rebel and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that. All the reviews made me think that I'd be risking our wonderfully one-sided relationship by exposing myself to its horribleness. Nothing would scar me more than not being able to enjoy Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 2: What The Eff is Taking So Long To Get This Thing Into Theaters

Second things second, Ellen and Rebel have great chemistry together. Every time she's on the show, they do something super fun together. (Hey guys, if you missed that super fun reference, it's me throwing Rebel a bone.) Remember when they performed “Shoop” last year? It was magical. Almost as magical as the photos that are behind Rebellen in this newest video. So watch, enjoy and try not to overreact too much when the Internet explodes from all the meta Internet humor in this video.

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