Ellen Page Isn’t Suing Over Those Naked Images After All, So Live It Up, Pervs

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Ellen Page naked in Beyond Two SoulsA couple weeks ago we wrote up the fact that Ellen Page was potentially pursuing legal action to get naked photos of herself removed from the internet. Well, sort of. I mean she's definitely naked in them, but they're not necessarily of her, and it turns out she isn't suing after all. You know what? Why don't I start from the beginning, because this is already getting confusing.

Ellen posed for a full-body scan for Beyond: Two Souls, an interactive drama-adventure game by Sony in which she stars as the protagonist. This is a normal thing that celebrities do all the time, but the non-normal part was that the game's creator, David Cage, threw in a pretty gratuitous shower scene for Ellen's character Jodie. Nothing was shown, because her exciting bits were covered up by random scenery within the game, but people pretty quickly noticed that if they were in possession of a debug console, they could change the camera angle in the scene.

And lo and behold! If you do that, you can get yourself a crystal clear shot of Ellen's breasts, nipples, butt, and vagina. Or not Ellen's, per se, but Jodie's. And it wasn't long at all before these scenes within the game were being captured in screenshots and uploaded to Reddit. It's all pixelated of course, but since it is ultimately Ellen Page's face on top of a naked body, I wasn't surprised at all to hear that Sony was frantically scouring the internet, threatening legal action if the photos weren't taken down.

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Obviously once they've made it as far as Reddit, you'll never ever be able to truly get rid of even a small percentage of them, but it seemed logical that Sony was freaking out. After all, while she'd definitely agreed to the full-body scan, it didn't seem likely that she'd also been down with them casually using her naked body as a hidden Easter egg in the game. I mean, the girl hasn't even appeared fully nude in a movie, so I highly doubt she'd do it for an unnecessary scene in a video game getting mediocre reviews.

But according to new reports, there is not now and never actually was a legitimate legal issue associated with these images.The confusion arose because Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) was asking outlets to remove the images, with a ‘representative claiming the images were causing a bit of a legal issue for the organization'. Most of the sites pulled them down without question, but one, Eskimo Press, followed up once things had calmed down, and their contact said:

“I made a mistake in our last correspondence. I mentioned legal issues, but I was wrong and therefore this case loses its point.”

GameNGuide also points out that William Morris Endeavor, the company who represent Ellen, never released a comment on the situation, so it's likely that things were all blown out of proportion. But the good news is, I guess you pervs are now free to ogle Ellen's pixelated lady business as much as you want on the internet without fear of legal retribution. What's more exciting than that? (Lots of stuff.)