Ellen Page Takes Lesbian Role Despite Lesbian Rumors

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Ellen Page has long been the subject of speculation about her sexual orientation. She's never really been linked to a dude, and she just has that vibe about her. (Doesn't she?) It seems like a bold move, then, for her to take on a lesbian character in the drama Freeheld, a film which will dramatize the battle for legal rights on the part of LGBT partners.

Based on an Oscar winning documentary short, the film will tell the true story of Stacie Andree, who engaged in a landmark legal battle for pension rights when her partner, Laurel Hester (a New Jersey police detective) became terminally ill. It sounds like it has to potential to be a great film that will further humanize the struggle for gay rights in this country, as well as a more mature role for Ellen, whose adorable baby face has impeded her ability to be seen as anything other than “the girl from Juno” to at least some degree.

This is an especially bold move, considering the rumors that have been circulating about her; while most closeted or rumored-to-be-closeted actors stick to playing straight people (‘sup, Tom Cruise?), Ellen seems less afraid to go there. It's not even the first time she's played a lesbian; one sketch in her SNL appearance, for example, felt more like a coming out sketch than anything.

It's entirely possible that while guarded about her personal life when doing publicity, Ellen Page just isn't that deep in the closet. I kind of get the feeling that if you met her at a party and you hit it off and got to talking about love, life, etc., she'd tell you the truth. Then again, it's possible that I'm totally wrong and she's being impaled upon A-Skars‘ nordic spear as we speak. Who knows?

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Photo: Pacific Coast News