Ellen Page Came Out Of The Closet Just In Time To Make A Fun Balls Joke For The MTV Movie Awards

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Ellen Page Conan MTV Movie Awards 2014

Ellen Page came out as a lesbian in February with an inspirational and emotional speech that sent positive messages of acceptance and tolerance and established her as a role model for young people. That was all great, but after you've spent more than a month being inspiring and admirable, it's time for the balls jokes to start. And Ellen was way overdue for it. So thankfully she decided to correct this egregious mistake by starring in a new promo for the MTV Movie Awards.

The MTV Movie Awards are being hosted by Conan O'Brien this year. Don't ask me why. I never thought I would use the words “Conan O'Brien” and “MTV” in the same sentence without there being some kind of punchline attached, but some things are just beyond explanation. Something tells me Conan's particular brand of humor will go over the heads of youngsters who are voting for Josh Hutcherson in the same category as four Oscar nominees, but I guess this promo serves as an opportunity to hook the audience. Getting a sassy member of young Hollywood to help him couldn't hurt.

The gist of the promo is that Conan is practicing walking in a hamster ball, which he's supposed to do over the audience for the show. Already I can tell you that's a bad idea, based on that whole Miguel neck-jumping incident. Let's just keep the audience contact to a minimum. Nevertheless, Ellen tries to help him out in it, but of course this is a funny haha kind of commercial, so that doesn't go so well. And here's where the kicker comes in. Ellen complains, “This is why I stay away from balls!” Guys, she's officially moved into the comedy stage of being out of the closet, and I for one am excited. There's nothing better than a good balls joke.