Wait, But Are Ellen Page And Alexander Skarsgard Dating?

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Wait  But Are Ellen Page And Alexander Skarsgard Dating  Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard kissing Twitter picture jpgOkay, I just need someone to give me a straight answer — are Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard dating, or not? We have the technology to send Justin Bieber to space, how do we not yet have a machine that you scan over celebrities to find out if they’re swapping fluids? Something like what we use at airports? It’s 2013, people, someone should be on this. And yet, this debate has raged on (yes, ‘raged’ is the world we use now for idle speculation on the internet — raged.) for over twelve months now. One year ago, almost to the day, we wrote a post speculating about their relationship after they suspiciously wore the same shoes to the Stanley Cup. Now this was back in 2012, so we were obviously not able to verify their dating status as our robots were not yet advanced enough, but we’ve been nurturing our suspicions all this time, and the fires of our speculations are about to get stoked, you guys. Mad stoked. So…get stoked. Or some other word. Whatever. Help.

Ever since that blessed day, they’ve been real cozy in all the promotional materials they’ve appeared in together, which suggests that they either are together and aren’t confirming it or want us to believe they’re together without confirming it. Or that they’re just snuggly friends, which is a thing that exists in my life as well, so I suppose I shouldn’t knock it. Two days ago, though, Ellen retweeted a picture on her own Twitter showing the two of them together, with ALEXANDER KISSING HER ON THE HEAD. It was originally posted by one of their castmates for the movie The East, with the caption “This reminds me of shooting. When we’d lie in the grass listening to Toby practice Rostam’s piano piece. #TheEast“, to which Ellen added her own comment ‘Canadian tuxedo party’, since they’re both wearing denim. But what does it all meeeeeean? Look how tenderly he’s kissing her forehead! Does that mean they’re together? Or are they trolling us? Do they even care what we think? Are we alone in the universe? I need answers, you guys. TO ALL OF IT.

Previously Alexander has been in a long term relationship with Kate Bosworth, and Ellen has been in a long term relationship with my personal daydreams. Sorry not sorry.

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