Here’s Ellen’s Star-Studded Oscar Selfie That’s About To Break The Internet

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Here s Ellen s Star Studded Oscar Selfie That s About To Break The Internet Ellen DeGeneres Oscar selfie with A List stars at 2014 Academy Awards jpgIn every awards show, there’s a moment where you really just have to stop everything and admit to yourself, “I want to go to there,” 30 Rock style. And in this particular award season, at these particular Oscars, that moment came when our dream best friend Ellen DeGeneres was walking the aisles in between segments, just being her glorious, charming self.

She had already offered to get pizza, figuring out how many people were in and stopping to chat and taking selfies with various famous people like Liza Minelli, when suddenly she decided to break Twitter. How, you ask? Well, by taking a picture that she planned on becoming the most retweeted photo ever on the internet. And not just any photo — a selfie. OBVI. This isn’t Ellen’s first time at the rodeo.

So she looked about her for whatever tools she might have at her disposal to make this photo especially enticing to the waiting internet hordes. (Hi, hello, that’s us.) And you know what she found? The first effing row at the Academy Awards. That’s where they hide all the A-Listers, all the people up for the mondo awards who need to get to the stage as quickly as possible. (Ideally without tripping on their gowns, but what can you do, right J-Law?)

So anyway she gathered up all the famous humans who could be contained in a single frame, and that’s how we came to have this amazing photo containing more Oscar nominees and winners than you can shake a stick at. You got Meryl Streep being squashed by Channing Tatum‘s chin, half of Jared Leto‘s face shoving a laughing Jennifer Lawrence further into the shot, Julia Roberts cackling above, Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt looking on bemusedly, Lupita Nyong’o squeezing her face into the back, and Angelina Jolie waving enthusiastically. And of course there’s Bradley Cooper proudly taking the picture in the foreground, Lupita’s extremely proud brother on the righthand side, and Ellen’s smile twinkling away right in the center.

All in all a masterpiece. And considering the amount of bold in the previous paragraph almost broke my computer, I have no doubt that this photo will break the retweeting record. Let’s make it happen!

(Photo: Twitter)