Ellen’s ‘Deleted Scene’ From Orange Is The New Black Is Pretty Much Perfect

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Ellen DeGeneres Orange is the New Black Deleted scene

Riddle me this readers: is there anything better than two of your favorite things combining into one thing? I'll answer that for you. No. Whether it be a croissant and a donut (cronut) or John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (Baby TBD) or Orange is the New Black and Ellen DeGeneres (the video below), it's always the best. So many emotions. Or as the kids on Tumblr allegedly say, my feels!

Like everyone else in America, Ellen spent her summer (or more likely, one motionless 13-hour span) watching Orange is the New Black. And like everyone else, she clearly ended the first season with tons of questions. Like “how is this show so good?” and “but really, what did they use on Pennsatucky's teeth to make them look so meth-y?” and “was Piper going crazy when she was in solitary or was someone else really down there with her?”

Rather than attempt to answer all of those questions in one sitting, Ellen just went with the last one. While this isn't really a deleted scene from the show (sorry Internet, you can blame Jimmy Kimmel for the fact that nothing on the internet will ever be real again), it's just what we need right now as we continue to suffer from our OITNB withdrawl.

Seriously, second season hurry up and get here yesterday. And don't forget to bring Laura Prepon with you!