Ellen Gets Jason Biggs To Play Shirtless Charades Because She Can Get Anyone To Do Anything

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Ellen Jason Biggs shirtless 2013

Everyone gather round and let me tell you the story of how Ellen DeGeneres read my mind. Just yesterday I wrote a post about Chris Hemsworth wanting to be taken seriously for his work and not just asked about his body all the time. I talked about how we don't think enough about how men feel about being valued for their body over their talent, and I said, and I quote: “Just think about all the times female talk show hosts pressure hot male stars to take their shirts off, their audience screaming their encouragement. Even Ellen DeGeneres, who I’m pretty sure isn’t that invested in whether she gets to see Matthew McConaughey’s abs, takes part in the peer pressure sometimes.”

And right on cue, I see this video from the new episode of Ellen's show. What is she doing in the video? Oh, just asking Jason Biggs to take his shirt off, because she knows what the people want. Clearly Ellen and I are somehow connected mentally and spiritually. Try not to be jealous.

The context of the video is that Jason made a funny audition tape for Magic Mike in which he shows off his stripping skills. Now Ellen wants Jason to play charades with her for charity, but if he takes his shirt off he'll raise more money. This is just like when you're at the movie theater and you've bought a huge tub of popcorn and the cashier looks at you and says “Do you want to round that up and donate to help children?” and you feel guilt pierce your soul. To add even more pressure, it's Ellen DeGeneres who's asking. So obviously Jason rips his shirt off and gets to playing. Because, if you haven't heard, Ellen is an interview wizard who can get anyone to do anything at any time. Ever. She's already shown she has the power of telepathy. What more proof do you need?